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Out of school hours is a great time to help our children remain curious, acquire new knowledge/skills and develop lifelong interest. 2 day journey programmes provides children time and space for creativity while they take a break from textbook learning. As we live in an era obsessed with numbers and test scores, we must not forget to give our children opportunities to innovate, problem-solve and navigate new and unfamiliar situations too. There is a genius in the design of our art programmes!  

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 2  rewarding art-filled  days x 4/5/6 hours  daily  am/pm

We enjoy helping children climb their own mountains.
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Learn about the fun facts of Singapore’s wildlife as we discover these creatures’ habitats, secret locations, and more. Craft and construct your very own animated storyboard from scratch, learning all about the pop-up paper mechanisms that will drive your story to life and then tailoring the design with your individual storyboard in mind.


The manual art of folding these hands-on mechanical designs is a very minds-on process. Children will resolve methods from their own trial and error, as they ultimately master the book mechanism techniques before their final designs are complete. 


Kids will also be drawing and painting animals in various poses. They can choose from the otter, cobra, long tailed macaque or even the giant monitor lizard.



Ages: 5 + and 8 above

Duration: 2 x 5 hours

Singapore Wildlife Encounter (POP-UP)

Create & compose a project from scratch

In this workshop, kids will be guided to plan in logical sequence and compose the visual scenes of their story whilst leading up to a conclusion of their own. The composition of each panel will demonstrate a step in the process of starting with a humble pencil sketch and bringing a story, a character, a world… or an unworldly imagination to life! 


This is a playful hands-on workshop that uses art processes to encourage kids to switch their minds on; generating ideas, creating characters, developing compositions, and using a writing style to match. For those who love to write, here is an opportunity to bring your story to life using the Arts! For young writers, engaging in visual sequencing here will carry over to bringing your daily storytelling to life!


Ages: 6 and above 

Duration: 2 x 5hrs

What goes into the workflow of creating a comic strip book? Let children create a story sequence and watch magic happen!



days x hrs

Magical Door 


This visual thinking workshop will delight and teach children to develop keen attention to detail as they learn to trust themselves and create art with confidence.

Set in an intensive but exciting sequence, this workshop builds on solidifying the foundation of any serious artist, as students are trained to systematically progress through the stages confidently.
Children will be guided through the process of blind-contour drawing, cross-contour drawing, still-life drawing and finally drawing on a piece of wood. The workshop sets out to build a strong foundation in the principles of still-life drawing. After all, drawing is the foundation of all painting!
From raw beginners to the experienced artist, the focus here is on each of the students’ individual needs. Each stage covered develops the artists in areas of exploring subject matter, composition, sight-size drawing, materials and most of all the confidence of a flourishing artist!
Ages: 8 and above 

Duration: 2 x 4 hours

Create & compose a project from scratch

Artistic confidence - why you need it and how to grow it.

Blind-Contour Drawing
CROSS-Contour drawing

Captions, dialogue, and panel composition are good tools for bridging scenes.

Sequencing For visual literacy

days x hrs

days x 4hrs

Gourmet On The Go!

Teaching kids to bring their own imaginations to life.

So you want to set-up your very own food-truck? Hand-crafted burgers or fairy-floss, whatever your craft… this workshop will teach you how to build the perfect food truck and be ready to serve in no time! Three locations to choose from: beach, park or desert!


We will be teaching kids how to upcycle old cereal boxes into a traveling food-truck. Our master builders will construct, design and style-up their mobile kitchen, and park them in the most idyllic setting of their choice.


This workshop is all about spontaneity— If you can imagine it, we must build it! Make use of the studio’s stash of infinite craft supplies and enjoy the process of building. Students will be painting, structuring, pasting, integrating, exploring and most importantly, driven by innovation.


As children develop resourcefulness from their creative imagination, they learn to trust their instincts and abilities better. The toughest decision to make now, is the location of your food-truck.

Helping remove idea inhibition

Ages: 5+ and 8+ 

Duration: 2 x 5 hours

designed and Mechanically crafted by hand

Light refreshments included.
Light refreshments included.
Light refreshments included.
Light refreshments included.

learning art in a therapeutic way