"At rmn, my kids are rushed not. I would never have realised my kids artsy-side if not for the classes over here. Not only do my kids get to learn a variety of techniques and the theoretical aspects of it, they are also taught discipline and confidence yet all learning at their own pace. This is one class my kids never tire of and look forward to attending every week. All thanks to rmn, my house is  now a miniature gallery of sorts with an assortment of artwork done by the children. Kudos to rush me not."

- Pauline, Mother to Ethan 4 and Zoe 7



"Mischa continues to create art pieces outside art class, and I love how you've nurtured her freedom of expression. When daddy travels for work or when grandma is sick, she has a little art piece created just for the occasion. Thanks!"

 - Jacqueline, Mother to Mischa 6



Feedback  from  parents: 

"This is the third art school my son has attended. Finally a welcoming environment and great "Rush-Me-Not" philosophy for my son to learn fine art. Love to the teachers.

 - Alice, Mother to Keith 9



"I searched for toddler art classes and so glad to have found your art studio because not many centres accept kids my son's age. I appreciate your very patient group of teachers and how they go with the pace of Adrain."

- Claudia, Mother to Adrain 3



"My family moved to Bukit Panjang recently but my darling Elena still insists on continuing her art lessons. That must speak volumes that your art studio is definitely doing it right."

- Joanna, Mother to Elena 13





"Your art classes have helped my kids develop more patience and focus, indirectly helping me cope with better children at home. Teachers, keep up the good work."

 - Yang, Mother to Michelle 3 and Alyssa 5


Parents, your feedback is an essential part of our mission to maintain excellence at Rush-Me-Not Art Studio.  To assist us in maintaining our uncompromising standards, please take a moment to give us your comments on our contact us page

Rush-Me-Not Art Studio, Singapore.
Our Eager Little Builders
What a healthy dose of art outside of the class curriculum for our RMN kids. Our art studio was bustling with so many creative ideas, our teachers could hardly keep up! It was nice seeing the kids get involved in decision-making, socialise with their friends, exchange ideas and naturally enjoying all the elements of art & crafting of their little Metropolis. Children who left their artwork at the studio, please remember to pick them up when you come for your next art lesson. Photos coming soon!
Taking Our Art Class to The SEA Aquarium
Our in-house art studio kids taking a break from the pressures of school to rejuvenate their minds. We watched some 100,000 colourful marine animals, 800 fascinating species and 49 different habitats in larger than life tanks! This magical place where art meets science is so facinating, we want to do it all over again!
Team Rush-Me-Not Excursion 2015
After an exciting experiential day of touring the terminals and learning about the history and fun facts of Changi Airport, the kids were still too excited to leave. Kids we are very proud of all your sketches!
Featured Artist: Lindy Longhurst (Nov/ December Holiday Workshop)
Splash into the colourful, folk art world of Lindy Longhurst where children will learn about layering and patterning in this whismsical and dreamy Art Workshop. Come celebrate the beautiful world of Lindy Longhurst with us!

learning art in a therapeutic way

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Post-Impressionistic Painting of Wheatgields Inspired by Vincent Van-Gogh. Artist: Jorraine, Rush-Me-Not Art Educator
Post-Impressionistic Painting of Singapore Waterfront. Artist: Yiou, Rush-Me-Not Art Educator
American Modern Art RED CANNA referenced from Georgia O Keeffe works. Artist: Jorraine, Rush-Me-Not Art Educator
Modernistic Painting of Egyptian Mau. Artist: Yiou, Rush-Me-Not Art Educator
Post-impressionistic Painting of Moon Festival. Painted by Jealina, Rush-Me-Not Art Studio Principal.
Monte Sainte-Victoire Painting Inspired by Paul Cezanne. Artist: Yiou, Rush-Me-Not Art Educator
Pop Art Gumball Machine Inspired by Wayne Thiebaud. Artist: Pearlyn, Rush-Me-Not Art Educator
Post Impressionistic Almond Blossom Painting Inspired by Vincent Van-Gogh. Painted by Yiou
Singapore Stil Life, painted by Matt Steel.

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