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Out of school hours is a great time to help our children remain curious, acquire new knowledge/skills and develop lifelong interest. 2 day journey programmes provides children time and space for creativity while they take a break from textbook learning. As we live in an era obsessed with numbers and test scores, we must not forget to give our children opportunities to innovate, problem-solve and navigate new and unfamiliar situations too. There is a genius in the design of our art programmes!  

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 2  rewarding art-filled  days x 4/5/6 hours  daily  am/pm

We enjoy helping children climb their own mountains.
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CROSS-Contour drawing

days x hrs

Gourmet On The Go!

Teaching kids to bring their own imaginations to life.

So you want to set-up your very own food-truck? Hand-crafted burgers or fairy-floss, whatever your craft… this workshop will teach you how to build the perfect food truck and be ready to serve in no time! Three locations to choose from: beach, park or desert!


We will be teaching kids how to upcycle old cereal boxes into a traveling food-truck. Our master builders will construct, design and style-up their mobile kitchen, and park them in the most idyllic setting of their choice.


This workshop is all about spontaneity— If you can imagine it, we must build it! Make use of the studio’s stash of infinite craft supplies and enjoy the process of building. Students will be painting, structuring, pasting, integrating, exploring and most importantly, driven by innovation.


As children develop resourcefulness from their creative imagination, they learn to trust their instincts and abilities better. The toughest decision to make now, is the location of your food-truck.

Helping remove idea inhibition

Ages: 5+ and 8+ 

Duration: 2 x 5 hours

Light refreshments included.

ONGOING  art  projects


In your painting world, you have total and complete power--- trust yourself and be brave!


Step into your own realm of artistic power, where your creativity knows no bounds. Embrace your inner courage and trust your instincts. Join us in this empowering workshop, where you'll embark on a journey to craft a lifelike landscape featuring the world's tallest mountain range. Armed with an impasto palette knife and vibrant acrylic colors, you'll explore innovative techniques to infuse your mountainous canvas with a distinct texture, breathing life and raw depth into your very first landscape masterpiece. This immersive experience not only nurtures your artistic skills but also bolsters your self-confidence as you unleash your creative potential. Get ready to conquer the peaks of imagination!


Ages: 8+ and 12 above

Duration: 5 hours

Tour   de   countryside

Tap into Van Gogh's world, what would you discover about yourself?


Embark on a journey inspired by the masterful Van Gogh and his timeless masterpiece, "Almond Blossom." Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Van Gogh's creation as you hone your observational skills and develop an eye for intricate details. Explore the magic of his distinctive painting style, gaining the confidence to wield bold strokes and master the art of applying thick, textured paint. Get ready for an exhilarating week ahead as you continue your artistic journey, drawing inspiration from Van Gogh's legacy of imagination and self-expression!


Ages: 8+ and 12 above

Duration: 2 x 4 hours


Symbolism adds depth and intrigue to art, infusing it with layers of meaning make creativity truly shine.


Delve into the world of Van Gogh's Wheatfields series, where art translates into a powerful language of expression. Discover how Van Gogh skillfully communicates his profound spiritual beliefs, admiration for laborers, and deep connection to nature through symbolic imagery and vibrant colors. Embark on your own artistic journey experimenting with impasto techniques to recreate this expressive masterpiece. This workshop isn't just about painting; it's about honing your palette knife techniques, refining your sense of perspective, and unlocking your creative potential. Get ready to be inspired and elevate your artistic skills!


Ages: 6+ and 12 above

Duration:  4 hours

DOTS   OF   YaYoi 

Learn to imagine stories  behind your whimsical creations.


Embark on an artistic journey inspired by Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama, the 'princess of polka-dots.' In this workshop, children will create a whimsical world of dot imagery, learning about local and lesser-known fruits of Singapore while incorporating vibrant neon colors and even crafting art that glows in the dark. Discover the magic of Kusama's polka dots as they seem to come to life, expanding and contracting, in an optical sensation. Join us for a creative adventure that lets your imagination bloom like Kusama's universe!


Ages: 5+ and 10 above

Duration:  4 hours

KUEH-KUEH   Universe

Ignite a curious mine and give it space to explore possibilities of the world!


Step into the heart of Singaporean culture with Kueh-Kueh, the delectable and colorful Asian dessert treats. Children will draw inspiration from these culinary wonders to craft imaginative abstract artworks. This workshop fosters both drawing and painting skills, empowering kids to express themselves using acrylic paint markers on a generous canvas. As they dive into the realm of abstract art, children will not only explore their creativity but also enhance problem-solving abilities, nurture a sense of freedom in self-expression, and gain a deeper appreciation for the endless possibilities of artistic creation. Get ready to unleash your creativity!


Ages: 5+ and 12 above

Duration:  5 hours




Learn to capture beauty in everyday things.


Renowned American artist Carolee Clark's bold and imaginative approach to painting has inspired this captivating workshop for children. Young participants will have the opportunity to delve into the world of acrylic painting and learn how to skillfully depict shapes from still life subjects while maintaining a playful and joyful atmosphere. The workshop will provide valuable instruction on the proper use of brushes, explore a diverse range of acrylic painting techniques, and delve into the fascinating realm of color theory. It promises to be an inspiring experience for young artists eager to explore their creative talents.


Ages: 6+ and 10 above

Duration:  4 hours

UPCYCLE   &    Personalize   GLASSwares /   BOTTLEs


You are a born creative, never stop creating! Bring a bottle of your own or use ours.


Explore the world of glassware painting and experience the joy of turning a simple glass into a work of art! Have you ever wondered what it's like to paint on glass? Whether you're looking to elevate the dinner table decor or create a personalized gift, glassware painting offers endless possibilities for creativity. Not only will you have a blast unleashing your artistic talents, but you'll also develop fine motor skills, boost your confidence, and walk away with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression. Join us in this exciting adventure and let your imagination run wild with colors on glass!


Ages: 5+ and 10 and above

Duration:  4 hours

The creative journey unfolds, revealing new horizons in your future!

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