3 days

Out of school hours is a great time to help our children remain curious, acquire new knowledge/skills and develop lifelong interest. 2 day journey programmes provides children time and space for creativity while they take a break from textbook learning. As we live in an era obsessed with numbers and test scores, we must not forget to give our children opportunities to innovate, problem-solve and navigate new and unfamiliar situations too. There is a genius in the design of our art programmes!  

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 2  rewarding art-filled  days x 4/5 hours  daily  am/pm


Can't get enough of Minecraft? Choose 6 of your favourite elements from the game and turn them into mini-canvas paintings! 


Students will explore consistent & controlled brushwork, challenge themselves to accomplish Minecraft signature pixelated look through intricate building of painted blocks. 



2 days

6yrs and above

2 days x 4 hours

This workshop will bring about a fusion of focused planning, attention to detail, patience and creativity in students. With our teachers being innovative role models, children will be inspired to explore new boundaries with their creations.


Now we can all look at the creeper up close without fear of it exploding!


We enjoy helping children climb their own mountains.
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Paper quilling dates back to the renaissance, but more recently this craft has provided poverty-stricken women of remote villages in Maharashtra, India a better source of income to turn their lives around.


This paper quilling holiday workshop aims to teach kids the art of innovation— utilizing minimal resources and tools to make a fine piece of 3D artwork by using just their hands. 


Delve into a world of paper quilling, an art form that involves using strips of paper that are rolled, curled, twisted, manipulated and glued together to create a decorative design. In this Lobster Quilling project, children will explore the art and craft of shaping paper using various techniques and create different shapes to achieve a 3D lobster.


Ages: 7 and above

Duration: 2 x 4 hours

Maharashtra Village

Tribal Art Appreciation

Get tribal with paper & learn the Art of Quilling to create this beautiful lobster!


In this 2-day Journeys Workshop, children will design their very own miniature  2-storey Mad Scientist Lab using a variety of craft materials. They will learn about design elements such as scale and proportion, making sure the size of the objects they create are in relation to the other objects in their designed lab. 


Children will be given tools to use and manipulate to create realistic items and furniture found in Dr Sam’s lab. There’s also a secret concoction of glowing, slimy and BUBBLING slime that heals the sick from all kinds of illnesses. Dr. Sam is looking to share her formula with her trusted assistants. 


I hear she is working on a top secret formula to time travel too, which may or may not suddenly become a danger to anyone wandering around unsupervised. If you share the madness in all of her creation, perhaps she will invite you to her secret chamber.


Behind a hidden door, up a hidden lift, is a dusty room with piles of incomprehensible texts of experiments with a roof that opens to the sky. Beware of lightning there, it is rumored to activate a portal that entraps all intruders. 

Ages: 7 and above

Duration: 2 x 5 hours

Calling all craft junkies to Dr. Sam’s mad scientist laboratory, a covert workshop combining science, engineering and Art! Every Mad Scientist has to have a lab right? This is typically a refurbished underground dungeon of some sort with aging walls and a 60s-styled mainframe computer with 21st century capability to self-destruct. I hear this one has a pulley system lift too!



Enter At Your Own Risk

learning art in a therapeutic way