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Out of school hours is a great time to help our children remain curious, acquire new knowledge/skills and develop lifelong interest. 2 day journey programmes provides children time and space for creativity while they take a break from textbook learning. As we live in an era obsessed with numbers and test scores, we must not forget to give our children opportunities to innovate, problem-solve and navigate new and unfamiliar situations too. There is a genius in the design of our art programmes!  

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 2  rewarding art-filled  days x 4/5/6 hours  daily  am/pm

We enjoy helping children climb their own mountains.
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CROSS-Contour drawing

days x hrs

Gourmet On The Go!

Teaching kids to bring their own imaginations to life.

So you want to set-up your very own food-truck? Hand-crafted burgers or fairy-floss, whatever your craft… this workshop will teach you how to build the perfect food truck and be ready to serve in no time! Three locations to choose from: beach, park or desert!


We will be teaching kids how to upcycle old cereal boxes into a traveling food-truck. Our master builders will construct, design and style-up their mobile kitchen, and park them in the most idyllic setting of their choice.


This workshop is all about spontaneity— If you can imagine it, we must build it! Make use of the studio’s stash of infinite craft supplies and enjoy the process of building. Students will be painting, structuring, pasting, integrating, exploring and most importantly, driven by innovation.


As children develop resourcefulness from their creative imagination, they learn to trust their instincts and abilities better. The toughest decision to make now, is the location of your food-truck.

Helping remove idea inhibition

Ages: 5+ and 8+ 

Duration: 2 x 5 hours

Light refreshments included.



More 1-Day Holiday art workshops

Who is a curator?


Your show is fast approaching, and it's time to set up the space. 


Experience what it is like to become a curator of an art gallery and explore the works of a famous artist. Children will create a scaled-down collection of artworks by their choice of a renowned artist using small brushes. They will have the unique challenge of using techniques of paint application, blending and precision to apply in intricate detail. 


Besides painting, this 2-day workshop aims to provide a creative experience for kids to consider what goes into curating an Art exhibition. What will they use to display, label or position their masterpieces in the space they build? 


We’ve got all the tools for your ideas, now come and make magic happen!


Ages:.............  7+  and 9 above

Duration:...  2 x 5 hours



Design a medieval fortress or fairytale castle and guard it with your very own mythical creature. In this workshop, children will assemble from scratch—a flat cardboard into a 3D castle. They will create and explore with their hands— engaging their focus through building, painting, texturing and detailing.


Expect a plethora of art tools and materials and experiment with how to use them. Join us on this 2-day adventure to get hands-on and to create— as an extension of your imagination!


Ages:.............  7 +  and 10 +

Duration:...  2 x 4 hours 

*Light refreshments available

Igniting a curious mind as kids tap into the spellbinding magic of their imagination.


Delight your senses as you mix, whisk, knead, color and create. Each magic potion calls for a recipe of mythical and magical ingredients depending on its purpose. What does your heart desire? Children will also transform an old plastic bottle and handcraft it with clay, paint, and embellishments. The result will be a uniquely personalized potion jar decorated to eye-popping detail. This workshop takes art to a magical world of wonder and enchantment where children can flex their imaginative prowess. 



Ages: 6 + and 9 above

Duration: 2 X 4 hours

Light refreshments included.

Formulate your very own bubbling and bewitching magical potion with a concoction of slime. 







Dream up a new world and use your artistic vision to create your own iconic creature. Let go and have fun with the process!


You are designing a mythical creature for a storybook. Imagine a mythological creature -- one beyond the usual dragon, unicorn or pixie. Nothing should make sense. If you can imagine it, just flow with it and embrace the whacky ideas that come to you. In this workshop, children will express their imagination through illustration and watercolor techniques. Have fun mixing a combination of animal traits to create your fantasy creature. Imagine where it lives, what it eats, what kind of skin texture it has, etc. Let your imagination run wild while you discover the hidden gems in your daydreams.


Ages:.............  6+ and  9 above

Option 1 :...  1 x 5 hours

Option 1 :...  2 x 5 hours

*Light refreshments available


Join us for the  2-day workshop and learn traditional book binding too!

learning art in a therapeutic way