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Out of school hours is a great time to help our children remain curious, acquire new knowledge/skills and develop lifelong interest. 2 day journey programmes provides children time and space for creativity while they take a break from textbook learning. As we live in an era obsessed with numbers and test scores, we must not forget to give our children opportunities to innovate, problem-solve and navigate new and unfamiliar situations too. There is a genius in the design of our art programmes!  

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 2  rewarding art-filled  days x 4/5/6 hours  daily  am/pm

We enjoy helping children climb their own mountains.
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CROSS-Contour drawing

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Gourmet On The Go!

Teaching kids to bring their own imaginations to life.

So you want to set-up your very own food-truck? Hand-crafted burgers or fairy-floss, whatever your craft… this workshop will teach you how to build the perfect food truck and be ready to serve in no time! Three locations to choose from: beach, park or desert!


We will be teaching kids how to upcycle old cereal boxes into a traveling food-truck. Our master builders will construct, design and style-up their mobile kitchen, and park them in the most idyllic setting of their choice.


This workshop is all about spontaneity— If you can imagine it, we must build it! Make use of the studio’s stash of infinite craft supplies and enjoy the process of building. Students will be painting, structuring, pasting, integrating, exploring and most importantly, driven by innovation.


As children develop resourcefulness from their creative imagination, they learn to trust their instincts and abilities better. The toughest decision to make now, is the location of your food-truck.

Helping remove idea inhibition

Ages: 5+ and 8+ 

Duration: 2 x 5 hours

Light refreshments included.

CHANGE MAKER 2020-2021


More 1-Day Holiday art workshops

ABOUT   CHANGE   MAKERS   2020 - 2021









At the start of the year, Rush-Me-Not Art Studio kickstarted yet another art for a cause initiative. The aim was to expose our students to global issues, to nurture empathy in them, to expand their perspective of the world, and to serve a good cause. 


With the hit of the pandemic, we have had to adapt and navigate through new ways of thinking and doing in this changed world of uncertainty. Despite the circumstances we were all faced with at the studio, our students and their parents all stepped up with a common purpose to unify and see these challenges through.


As such, Change Makers virtual gallery showcase invites you to celebrate the extraordinary efforts of our young artists and champion a good cause with us. We hope that these artworks evoke hope and insights to illuminate the path toward a brighter tomorrow— and to inspire the viewer to see the world through a vibrant and optimistic vision of love and light. 

Change Makers invites you on a journey into our amazing artists’ inner worlds— to experience how they view the world around them and their vision of change through their hopes for a better world. This initiative provided a creative outlet for our children during this period of uncertainty and uses the transformative power of art to continue to inspire love and positivity in these challenging times.


All artworks in this virtual showcase are available to purchase, with a portion of each sale contributing to our fundraising efforts towards Esplanade’s Theatres on the Bay’s Community Engagement Programme.

While the inspiration for our event was focused on world issues, we are delighted to share that our fundraising efforts will be focused on supporting our local community. We will be doing this through Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay’s Community Engagement Programme*. The funds raised will help Esplanade to reach out to the underserved communities which include children, seniors, at-risk youths and those with special needs through various engagement efforts.


Your support will go to helping Esplanade (Theatres on the Bay’s Community Engagement Programme) make the arts available to the wider community through various engagement efforts, which includes workshops or activities. It benefits our local underserved communities which includes children, seniors, at-risk youths, and those with special needs.


You may read more about it on their website: https://www.esplanade.com/about-us/community-engagement

1. Buy a painting

2. Make a donation

3. Gift a painting

4. Lend your influence and share about this event

5. Sponsor physical exhibition


We welcome support of all levels, and we are delighted to acknowledge donations of $500 and above on our website for both personal and business purposes. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have more questions or if you would like to find out more on how you too can be part of this event.

Through a series of infographics, storytelling, videos, and photos, our young artists learned about the social injustice and challenges of children living in underdeveloped regions around the world. With their new awareness of global issues (such as child brides, children of climate refugees, children living in slums), they were able to build a connection with one of the many issues they had come to be aware of. The experience fostered a meaningful dialogue as they began to understand a life that exists beyond our borders. As they endeavored on a personal discovery of hope, they developed the empowerment of using art as a voice for advocacy, sharing their own insights through their paintings.

learning art in a therapeutic way