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Join us for a day of sensory delight at the beach and absorb the sights, smell, touch, taste and sounds of the wonderful outdoors.


Rush-Me-Not Art Studio has designed this excursion with fun games and interactive elements that will spark children’s natural curiosity; unlocking their potential of thinking with dimensionally inquisitive minds. 



With the company of good friends, fluffy clouds passing overhead, the sight and smell of crashing sea waves, the wind rustling the leaves in the trees... what better environment to inspire kids to creatively express themselves while discovering new fun facts and knowledge about life in Nature? Children who practice tuning into their five senses to observe their surrounding increase understanding of and communication about the world around them.



Each child will receive a Rush-Me-Not designed activity book where they will practice using all their senses to observe, to mindfully widen their attention to all things distant as well as far beyond the horizon, and combine those skills to apply them in Art! Come embrace the elements of nature (sand, sea, clouds, trees) with a different eye, as we appreciate line sensitivity, contours of organic shapes, colours and textures in watercolour techniques. This is where Art meets a new horizon.


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learning art in a therapeutic way