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Are We Right For The Job?


An experienced and reliable art resource to both private and MOE-based schools in Singapore, Rush-Me-Not Art Studio strives to create quality integrated Art workshop that facilitates creative experiences.


We believe that motivation, fun and excitement are all factors of learning. 


typical Rush-Me-Not Art workshop:


Explores Art modalities which encourages curiosity, imagination, engagement and ownership of work.


Appreciating that children are free to actively participate in exploring art ideas and materials, there are no limits to the programs we can create for your school. A common problem with most step-1-2-3 cookie-cutter lessons today is that children do not feel ownership or pride in their finished product.


By filling up the form on this page, we will have a better understanding of your needs-- Be it thematic, interdisciplinary or experiential. It is our objective to meet the needs of your school & students by designing workshops based on their age, ability and interest levels.


Teacher to student ratio depends on both age-group and art activity. Some workshops might require more supervision while others need more time to complete. Keeping your budget realistic allows us to better match your requirements with art materials involved and resources without compromising on deliverables. 


While there is plenty to consider when designing a program for your students, you can count on us to streamline the process for you. Our Art instructors of different disciplines are ready to give you their time, collaborate their efforts and create a workshop meaningful to both your school and your students. 


We enjoy working with like-minded teachers and schools who have brilliant minds and big hearts. If you are considering to engage us, fill up this no-obligation form and we will be in touch with you shortly!


Rush-Me-Not Art Studio would like to thank you in advance for considering us. We appreciate all opportunities to partner up with schools and value all presented interest with love. 

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