Introduction   to   ART

For the younger kids 





Children Art Introduction A/ B/ C

Art class duration of 1 hr or 1 hr 30mins


The Introduction to Art syllabus is a kickstart to your child's art journey! With plenty of materials to play with and textures to explore, your young artist will be in a safe environment of learning through exploration!


Your child is beginning to see a connection between the shapes they draw and the physical world around them. Random scribbles are now named scribblings; potato-looking mummy, daddy and me. This preliminary stage of drawing pleases your tot as he/she learns to explore and experiment with different tools as they discover endless possibilities.


At this stage of your child's life, Art is all about the joyful expressions of being a toddler. Your child will be introduced to the basic elements of art such as lines, shapes, colours, and textures. They will be encouraged to create meaning and verbalise their thoughts to communicate (connections they formulate) through Art & Play.



Key benefits of our Introduction to Art Classes:

  • Learning to follow/ take instructions.
  • Hold paint-brushes so that it will make desired marks.
  • Exploring through play.
  • Cultivating social skills and creativity, with an open mind.
  • Children learn to express feelings, with and/or without words.
  • Using Art to help young children to build confidence, so every child can feel pride in his or her original artistic creations

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* Children will be assigned to a level based on their skills, age only serves as a guide.

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