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Glimpse into the world of hope and dreams for children living in poverty painted through the eyes of our students. 


Each painting tells a story, understands a crisis, and hopes for a better world tomorrow. Being our 4th fundraising effort, we like to thank parents for your supportive partnership in empowering our children with social awareness through the arts. 


So far, our kids have helped raised more than $60,000 from their paintings and the proceeds will go to World Vision Projects that will aid refugee children in Middle East, victims of child trafficking and child brides in Asia, and climate change victims in Africa to rebuild their lives. World Vision have impacted the lives of over 200 million vulnerable children by tacking the root causes of poverty. We believe every little help along the way really does add-up!



Vision Fest Art Exhibition @The Arts House


In conjunction with Vision Fest by World Vision Singapore, Rush Me Not Art Studio had the privilege to exhibit our artworks @The Arts House. Glimpse into the world of children living in poverty painted through the eyes of our students. 20 art pieces painted by 28 RMN students were displayed, each of them carried the wishes and dreams for vulnerable children around the world. Our young artists had the opportunity to share the inspiration and stories behind their artwork, and experienced the power of advocating with art. At Rush-Me-Not, we strive to empower our children to be change-makers of the world one paint stroke at a time! 



An Art Exhibition of Endless Possibilities


Imaginary Islands was all about encouraging creativity, giving children the artistic knowledge and tools to flesh out their wildest ideas- and an opportunity to make a difference in the community. From brainstorming to research to drawing and painting drills in sketchbooks, we journeyed together to express and create visions of life cross places, objects and time. Exhibits went on sale and proceeds went towards supporting Esplanade - Theaters on the Bay’s community Engagement Programme*. Through the therapeutic process of drawing and painting, Imaginary Island showcased the simple innocence, and power of a child’s imagination and emotions.

One Humanity, One Hope.

Kids, we are so proud of you. All of you are change agents for a better global tomorrow, and every step of the way, you are inspiring us adults too! We hope to empower more of you through the Arts, to develop your own Art style, and to continue to use it as a voice in advocacy.

learning art in a therapeutic way