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animals in the layers

Art History & Appreciation

in the style of Vladimir Kush

with more art, design, science, and geometry!

Explore optical play with illusions inspired by graphic artist Mc Esher.


Just how did they do that?!


Join us and learn to apply the math-e-magical concept of patterns and symmetry to create an interlocking pattern of birds and fishes. It might seem impossible at first but watch it all come together and fit perfectly like a puzzle. 


Take the Attention To Detail test in this 3D painting workshop and find out if you can identify the differences. Can you blend the meticulous detailing in each pocket of (negative & positive) space to achieve the illusion of the birds and fishes appearing to disappear? Take up the challenge!




A surrealism painting workshop inspired by the captivating work of Vladimir Kush. Learn how he merges unlikely elements such as butterflies with hot air balloon to reveal mystical visions that evoke much visual delight!


In this workshop children will learn about the world of butterflies to establish the shape, patterns and colors they will use. They will immerse themselves in the stages of layering and overlapping: from block-in to finessing definition with a variety of brushes and mediums to execute this captivating work of art.


Color your brushes in the play of light and shadows and be led by Vladimir’s wildly creative imagination. Join us and create a beautiful fantasy landscape you wish exited in real life!


holiday workshops


Science & Geography meets Art.


An incredible painting with mixed-media workshop zooming in to the earth’s core and zooming out to our planet’s exosphere. Where would you find the stormy ocean, fluffy clouds that rain, colorful satellites or flying aircrafts? Learn the unique elements that exist within each layer and design them to detail.


Join us on this fun exploration of the many different ways you can mix paint with other media to create an exciting range of art. Master the technicalities of blending warm and cool colors relevant to the subject itself— such as the galaxy!


An extravagant media layering project that goes beyond the traditional techniques. Come discover new inventive use of media that will bring new skills to your repertoire!









Students will be introduced to painting techniques for wood surface and learn new applications to load their brushes, layer paints and add texture to their art.  Principal Jealina has been perfecting the folk art of decorating for over two decades. Don’t miss this opportunity where she will pass down her techniques for students to learn and build upon to make her own. This is an in-house workshop special open only to Rush-Me-Not Art Studio students!




Join Principal Jealina in this Fraktur style of painting on pinewood workshop using Jo Sonja decorative colors and mediums.

age 5+, 5 hours

age 7+, 5 hours

age 6+, 5 hours

age 5+/ 8+, 5 hours

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