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Support your child's creativity andthey will approach problems with far greater imagination.

in the style of Vladimir Kush

Enjoy the holidays with more art, design, science, and geometry!

Create your very own Where's Wally beach scene on canvas using French decoupage technique and acrylic paints. This visual thinking workshop will delight and teach children to develop keen attention to detail as they learn to create art in the style of maximalism. 



Come express your style, personality and taste as you design each and every beach element and character to exquisite detail. How many different people and beach activities can you come up with?  This workshop aims to bring art, design and diversity to children's hearts.



Ages:........  4+  & 7+

Duration:... 6 hours

Canvas:...... 16" x16"




12th - 16th MARch  holiday workshops 2018

by Rush-Me-Not Art Studio

What A Crowd!

Create your own interpretation of Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom using textured mixed-media art. Learn to apply techniques using a combination of acrylic paints, crepe paper, glue and achieve a texture relief artwork.


This art workshop aims to help children develop hands-on skills in exploring with a variety of materials to achieve different visual and textured outcomes through experimentation. Children who are inspired to try new things will always have fun achieving new heights!


Ages:......... 4+, 7+

Duration:... 4 hours

Canvas:..... 12" x 24"

Doodle masterpiece.

Explore the diversity of people with creativity.

Almond Blossom

in the style of Van Gogh 



Journey through Singapore as you construct your own SG version of this classic board game set. Children will plan/draw property spaces, paint them alive, personalize their own Chance and Community Chest cards and get to decide on all the other fun details.


Each set comes with hotels, game rules booklet, money… the full deal! Invite some friends over this weekend and show them what fun a little creativity and imagination can bring!


Ages: 6 and above

Duration: 2 days x 4 hours

Canvas: 2 panels of 12" x 24"


Wonderland Whale

Enter the fantasy world that Jimmy Liao creates with his imagination!

Children will be introduced to the renowned Taiwanese illustrator's whimsical artwork, and paint their own friendly whale while learning techniques to blend colours combining the elements of imagination and fantasy.

Canvas + Decoart Artist Acrylic Paints

Ages: 5+ and 7 above

Duration: 4 hours

Canvas: A2 size


days x hours


Did you Exist?- Delve into fantasy creatures of unicorns and dragons by observing forms, design, and textures of your very own imaginary creature. Learn to paint expressively  with a fluid  medium in 


We enjoy helping children climb their own mountains.
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learning art in a therapeutic way

A concept art process workshop guiding you from 2D designing to 3D sculpting


Your interpretation of

Art interpretation and appreciation helps young children learn to think and express ideas. Join this mixed-media interaction project for some experimentational creativity this school break.

A hands-on creativity workshop aiming to spark the inner desire for innovation in every child. Create your game & set your own rules!


a 2D painting, and then model a 3D polymer clay figurine exact to your imagination.

Ages: 5+, 7+

Duration: 6 hours

14" x 19" Watercolour paper & Polymer clay


10th - 18th MARch  holiday workshops 2018

12th - 16th MARch  holiday workshops 2018

12th - 16th MARch  holiday workshops 2018

10th - 18th MARch  holiday workshops 2018