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Support your child's creativity this holiday season and they will approach problems with far greater imagination.

Enjoy the holidays with more art, design, science, and geometry!

Architectural Sketch

of a Gothic Cathedral


We enjoy helping children climb their own mountains.
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allowing the unconscious mind to have great sway

Hey foodies, did you know that the perfect bento box is made up of 50% rice, 25% protein, and 25% vegetable? It also boasts a splash of colors from the rainbow, with at least four different vegetables or fruits, and packed in a way it does not end up like rojak come lunchtime.


Art aspects: In this workshop, children will personalize their bento layout and design a variety of yummy goodies for each compartment. They will build a tasty combination with their choice of entrees, fresh fruits, vegetables, mains, sides, and dessert using acrylic paint on clay relief. They may choose to incorporate their favorite cartoon characters or focus on creative detailing that mimics the real deal.


Wherever your imagination takes you, your creation will be an ultra-realistic display bento set that will wow everyone!


Age groups: 7+ and 12 above

Duration: 6 hours

3D Decoart Acrylic painting + Clay + varnish

Inspired by René Magritte, this workshop aims to use surrealism & 3D art to draw out a sense of identity from even the shyest child. Children will be guided to compose a visual illustration that expresses they are who they are in the present. 


Through a series of questions, our students will self-discover what shapes their lives in the now. We will carry that over to designing whimsical elements using various line work, shape, color, value, tone, texture and depth with clay relief too. With a twist of realistic images using unusual colors and blending seemingly unrelated objects, your child will discover their inner-being as a masterpiece in its own.


In every surrealist painting, there is always quite a bit to look at. As our students free their mind of all analytical thought, and freely paint ideas that are buried deep in their minds of who they are, what will we see?


Ages:.........  5 and above

Duration:.... 2 x 5 hours

Canvas:........ 12" X 16"




in the style of Rene Francois

Featured Artist: 

René François Ghislain Magritte (1898 – 1967) was a Belgian artist most renowned for being one of the leaders of the influential 20th century art movement, Surrealism. He became well known for creating a number of witty and thought-provoking images. 


“Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see, but it is impossible. Humans hide their secrets too well....”

― René Magritte

learning art in a therapeutic way

This holiday workshop exposes our young artists to the joy of creating art in this time-treasured genre.


Discover how this traditional art continues to influence painters today, and learn the know-how to recreate American Folk Art styled painting that has caught the attention of art collectors all around the world!



Art aspects: Children will construct a taxonomy of flowers using acrylics and immerse themselves in building color themes, finding color harmonies, artwork composition, brush loading methods, and gain artist confidence unique to the American Folk Art. They will master 'pressure and release' stroke applications quite similar to calligraphy art. 


Join this workshop for a botanical art experience or if you wish to expand your painting or illustration portfolio.

How exactly do you add passion to your paintings?


Delight in an expansive color palette and learn to paint expressionistic sunflowers and swirly stars in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.


By giving our kids opportunities to appreciate art, we are encouraging exploration, self-expression, confidence, imagination, and creativity. In this workshop, students will learn about two of Van Gogh's masterpieces; 'Starry Night' and 'Sunflowers'. Using these two paintings as inspiration, they will practice fluency working in the same manner as the impressionist artist.


Art is an incredible tool for expression, providing an outlet to process thoughts and emotions. As Van Gogh once said, he did not paint what he saw, he painted what he felt. Discover your inner Van Gogh in this acrylics painting project and learn the fluency of art as a communication tool.

This playful and interactive workshop promotes the appreciation of puppetry by allowing children to participate in the creativity of the craft. They will explore themes of realism, symbolism, minimalism, or fantasy and choose the style of the puppet they will design using a variety of materials.


Children will learn about the unique properties of the theatrical puppetry with consideration of movement, tension, weight, and character development. They will incorporate key design elements to enhance their puppet's character and factor in audience appeal.


We believe that hands-on interactive craft encourages children to be innovative and thus more willing to explore possibilities around them. The emphasis of this design workshop will be on experimentation and deliberate decision-making, with an outcome in mind.


Be ready for your child to put on a show for the family as they invent their own plays at home! 


Age groups: 6+ and 10 above

Duration: 5 hours

Need a change of scenery? Join us in creating an impasto reflection of a scenic landscape, combining light and vivid color balance to form a picturesque masterpiece.


In this excitingly experimental landscape painting workshop, students will delve into the niche world of Impasto Painting. Think thick luscious paints, magical and skilled palette knife, expressionist impasto style, and a vibrant colored palette-- master this and be equipped to create any art that captures your imagination!


If you were an animal, would you be reclusive like a turtle or sleek like a snake? Perhaps you would like to live in the mountains like a panda. Take a quiz and answer some fun questions about your personality and interests to discover the one animal you relate to the most. There are over 100 species!


In this socially interactive workshop, children will have opportunities to engage in a lively discussion with their peers. They will be encouraged to express themselves and develop confidence in their own creativity. It will be a bizarre experimentation of sorts!


Children will learn to create their animals using a technique we have never done before - needle-felting & collaging on canvas with the use of clay! They will enjoy the unique surface brought on by the interesting combination used whilst they bring their inner animal to life. The end result is very powerful, and promises to hold a strong element of surprise.


Ages:.........  6 and above

Duration:...  5 hours

*Light refreshments included.




days x 5 hours

Create a painting worth a thousand words!

Nurture your ideas, concepts and designs.


find new ways to INJECT PASSION into your ART




We are always finding aways to offer A SOCIAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT where FUN LEARNING and CREATIVE LEARNING come together!

Join this tole painting with acrylics workshop to learn the delicate "teddy bear strokes of genius" from Principal Jealina herself!


Transform a rustic piece of pinewood into a decorative piece of art. Learn the artistic how-tos from glazing to painting fine hair and textures with precise levels of control over each stroke. Children will explore a wide range of painting techniques using different brush types and experimenting with DecoArt mediums.


The highlight of this project is a layered fur painting technique, creating a delicate texture resulting in a three-dimensional teddy bear. It also explores both traditional and modern painting styles, combining it to incorporate the student's unique style.

Join this workshop and build a tantalizingly unique tea blend. Discover a variety of tea flavors, top it with crisp dried apples, sweet rosebuds, or spice it up with cinnamon sticks. Experiment with a mix of aromas, textures, and ingredients to craft a concoction of your own.


Art aspects: This holiday workshop combines sensory play with observational sketching and drawing. Children will also learn the elements of composition to stage their tea concoction into a piece of art and apply still life techniques to bring it to life.


A great all-around workshop of fun, experimenting, communicating ideas, and improving on the realism of their drawing. Not only will children walk away with new-found knowledge and skills, but they also will get to take home a bespoke tea blend in a glass jar with a handmade recipe card.


The perfect Christmas gift handmade with love.


Age groups: 6+ and 10 above

Duration: 5 hours

Art choices are a testament to one’s uniqueness as well as a springboard for launching new ideas. September Holiday Workshops with RMN aims to create a space to relax the mind, be intentional with our time as well as nurture imagination and creativity to bring greater success to your child’s day-to-day life. 


Our child's mind is a great and creative resource. When we foster and value their imagination, anything becomes possible!



Did you know that some 400 billion birds share the planet with us? Each bird has its abundant coat of feathers; unique in its colors, patterns and shapes that spring from mother nature’s incredible artistry. 


Learn to create delicate acrylic paint pouring feathers and experience the creative freedom of being able to experiment with the paint mediums while it is fluid on the canvas. 


Explore color theory (choosing the right colors scheme), creating the right ratio of paint mediums, and how to apply your concoction onto the canvas. We will show you how to fashion patterns using the string technique, as you feather through the colors to make a deliberate effect.


                                   Join us for a very fun-filled and mesmerizing time learning the

                                  modern art form of acrylic paint pouring. 



Whether you are looking to have a fun, social time and mingle with your friends or you would like to learn a new hobby, this holiday workshop will leave you feeling relaxed and proud of your creative achievements. 


Age groups: 6+ and 10 above

Duration: 5 hours

Experience artistic flow and freedom.

Build confidence and master fluidity

If you appreciate art, give Fernando Botero’s bird sculpture at Raffles Place a go! Just take a step back and admire how the urban environment is a key art collaborator-- creating a 3D relationship between the artist, the surroundings, and the art itself. 


Children will learn about this iconic sculpture here in Singapore and how the artist depicts figures in large, exaggerated volume, which can represent criticism, humor, or optimism. They will explore art as an expression of ideas and emotions and reimagine The Fat Bird into an acrylic painting.


Learn how to uses art as a figurative expression as well as an artistic statement. 'Can I do this in a bigger, better or in a new way?', they will be encouraged to make something new and try to make it into a reality.


This workshop celebrates the explosion of creativity that is reclaiming and transforming urban spaces around the world. It encourages children to use art to be motivated by new challenges. It aims to inspire our young artists to assert themselves in ways that may seem challenging or maybe even unconventional. 










Featured Artist: Fernando Botero (1932 - )

Where: UOB Plaza near Raffles Place

When: Inaugurated in 1990

Why: Bird by Botero became a symbol of peace and to show the senselessness of violence.


Age groups: 5+ and 10 above

Duration: 4 hours



Explore the world of Teddy Bear painting, and gain a solid foundation of techniques for you to build upon to make your own.


Age groups: 8+ and 12 above

Duration: 5 hours




Art appreciation: Van Gogh, a Dutch artist considered to be one of the most influential and beloved artists in the history of Western Art. 



Age groups: 8+ and 12 above

Duration: 4 hours


Nobody creates art the same way, so let this experience guide you through your own exciting and enchanting journey as you discover your creative style.

Age groups: 7+ and 12 above

Duration: 4 hours


Imagination is at the tip of your palette knife.


This workshop will teach our young artists to create a vibrant landscape by learning to handle the palette knife (blunt edge) and boldly use thick mediums to create textured effects on canvas. They will experience the thrill of layering thick pigments directly on the canvas and allowing the brilliant colors to mix. As your painting dries, watch it develop depth, revealing a three-dimensional effect, and appear to be popping out of the canvas!


Ages:.............  8+  and 12 above

Duration:...  4 hours