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Support your child's creativity andthey will approach problems with far greater imagination.

Enjoy the holidays with more art, design, science, and geometry!

Platter-up party is all about unboxing expectations. What do you do when you just have too many options? Decision overload is never healthy, even for adults, so let’s guide our kids to work in a way they can handle the challenge that feels uplifting and empowering. 
This food craft party encourages kids to explore and choose from a variety of shapes, forms, and colors to create ideas of their own. There’s no right or wrong, instead, it's a journey of trial and error. As they take chances and build up confidence in all the small decisions made by their curiously creative minds, they will learn to trust their creative instincts. 
Kids will also be naming their dish and taking home an A4 recipe poster of their creation, complete with their own photo of it. 
Ages:.........  5 and above

Duration:... 3 hours


by Rush-Me-Not Art Studio


Integrate basic typography into your favorite foods and discover juicy expressions as you go. In this watercolor painting workshop, children will learn to use words and customize their own typefaces as an element in constructing their meal.


They will learn the art of spatial planning and overlapping shapes starting with visualization. They will also be guided to expand their language usage and weave in expressive words as well as sentences to convey the essence of the delicious meal they have created.


Literature and visual art can combine to form an artwork you can see and READ! Now, may I have your order please?


Ages:.........  5 and above

Duration:... 5 hours

100 over food forms & colours combined!

What's it like to be Picasso  inspired?

Delicious Expressions

an Artsy + Yummy kind of scrabble game!



Send  a  letter?   Hakuna   matata!


Bored of the same old, contrived photograph? Let’s get loco with Pablo Picasso! Young children will be introduced to Pablo’s concept of cubism and create a portrait featuring simple geometric shapes.


Through a series of creative interpretation exercises and painting practice, your child will create a family portrait that is truly heartfelt and one-of-a-kind. 


Canvas + Decoart Artist Acrylic Paints


Ages:.........  5 and above

Duration:.... 5 hours

Canvas:........ 16" x 20"


We enjoy helping children climb their own mountains.
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allowing the unconscious mind to have great sway

Bringing art, self and expression to children's hearts.

In this workshop, we will be making a short visit to the Singapore Post at Revenue House. Children will enjoy a hands-on experience there, learning about the different services available such as weighing a postcard to send to a friend, buying stamps and dropping their postcard into the mailbox. They will also learn how much it costs to send the same postcards to different parts of the world.


In this Lion King themed postcard workshop, older kids will dabble in a variety of pen & ink drawing techniques. They will create contrast value from different types of line weight, dot stippling and cross-hatching. Students will also learn to use a masking fluid for watercoloring to preserve areas of their postcard.


Younger kids will learn to draw complex figures from basic shapes and paint with watercolor. They will be also be introduced to basic pen and ink drawing techniques, creating a set of Lion King themed postcards.


Get one to three addresses of your closest good friends and send a word of encouragement to them using one of your postcards!


Ages:.........  6+ and 9+ 

Duration:... 5 hours

Have you ever sent a postcard by mail? How much does a stamp cost? How long does it take for your postcard to arrive at its destination?


3D Decoart Acrylic painting + Clay + varnish

Light refreshments included.
Light refreshments included.
Light refreshments included.
Light refreshments included.

 4 September 2018

Dear parents,


Please note that the food for this event is not intended for consumption, however light snacks will be provided for the children separately. 


<3 RMN 

watercolour + paint markers

An Abstract Family Portrait

Art appreciation:


Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

Teaching kids the difference between realistic and abstract, we will be introducing Cubist work by Pablo Picasso. 

Inspired by René Magritte, this workshop aims to use surrealism & 3D art to draw out a sense of identity from even the shyest child. Children will be guided to compose a visual illustration that expresses they are who they are in the present. 


Through a series of questions, our students will self-discover what shapes their lives in the now. We will carry that over to designing whimsical elements using various line work, shape, color, value, tone, texture and depth with clay relief too. With a twist of realistic images using unusual colors and blending seemingly unrelated objects, your child will discover their inner-being as a masterpiece in its own.


In every surrealist painting, there is always quite a bit to look at. As our students free their mind of all analytical thought, and freely paint ideas that are buried deep in their minds of who they are, what will we see?


Ages:.........  5 and above

Duration:.... 2 x 3 hours

Canvas:........ 12" X 16"




in the style of Rene Francois

Featured Artist: 

René François Ghislain Magritte (1898 – 1967) was a Belgian artist most renowned for being one of the leaders of the influential 20th century art movement, Surrealism. He became well known for creating a number of witty and thought-provoking images. 

days x 3 hours


“Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see, but it is impossible. Humans hide their secrets too well....”

― René Magritte

learning art in a therapeutic way