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Support your child's creativity this holiday season and they will approach problems with far greater imagination.

Enjoy the holidays with more art, design, science, and geometry!

Architectural Sketch

of a Gothic Cathedral


What is it like to be Picasso inspired?


Bored of the same old contrived photograph? Let’s get loco with Pablo Picasso! 


Young children will be introduced to Pablo’s concept of cubism and create a  portrait featuring simple geometric shapes. 


Through a series of creative interpretation exercises and painting practice, students will create a family portrait that is truly heart-felt and one-of-a-kind


Ages:.............  5+  and  10above

Duration:...  5 hours

We enjoy helping children climb their own mountains.
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allowing the unconscious mind to have great sway

Join us and dive into one of Singapore’s 

crazy food trends - The Freakshake!


Skip the queue and make your DIY Freakshake. No need to have a toss-up between the Nutella pretzel or the brownie toasted marshmallow, satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings with as many toppings as you so desire.


From unicorn dust to rocky road cookie crumbs, create your own Disney world of milkshakes. Fancy donuts, candy bars, pocky sticks, cupcakes, meringues, jumbo marshmallows-- all the possibilities are just so irresistible. Don’t forget to finish off with a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce and a cherry on top too.


This workshop is for those who believe they can make the most epic milkshake. They will be challenged to utilize a variety of art materials, mediums, and techniques to bring their imagination to life. Through indulgent molding and sculpting, children will patiently build layer by layer to an extravagant completion!


Age group:.............  8+ and 10 above

Duration:.................  2  days  x 5 hrs



3D Decoart Acrylic painting + Clay + varnish

Inspired by René Magritte, this workshop aims to use surrealism & 3D art to draw out a sense of identity from even the shyest child. Children will be guided to compose a visual illustration that expresses they are who they are in the present. 


Through a series of questions, our students will self-discover what shapes their lives in the now. We will carry that over to designing whimsical elements using various line work, shape, color, value, tone, texture and depth with clay relief too. With a twist of realistic images using unusual colors and blending seemingly unrelated objects, your child will discover their inner-being as a masterpiece in its own.


In every surrealist painting, there is always quite a bit to look at. As our students free their mind of all analytical thought, and freely paint ideas that are buried deep in their minds of who they are, what will we see?


Ages:.........  5 and above

Duration:.... 2 x 5 hours

Canvas:........ 12" X 16"




in the style of Rene Francois

Featured Artist: 

René François Ghislain Magritte (1898 – 1967) was a Belgian artist most renowned for being one of the leaders of the influential 20th century art movement, Surrealism. He became well known for creating a number of witty and thought-provoking images. 


“Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see, but it is impossible. Humans hide their secrets too well....”

― René Magritte

learning art in a therapeutic way

Featured Artist: 

Georgia Totto O'Keeffe 



Artist reference: Georgia Totto O'Keeffe was an American artist. She was best known for her paintings of enlarged flowers, New York skyscrapers, and New Mexico landscapes. O'Keeffe has been recognized as the "Mother of American modernism".

This workshop encourages our young artists to imagine and express themselves beyond just literal interpretation. They will explore O'Keeffe’s idea of the link between nature and the cosmos—where the ladder is suspended and rises up into the turquoise sky.

Students will develop the foundational skills of incorporating different tonal and textured effects using acrylic paint. They will be invited to interpret the symbolism of the cosmos and the ladder while experimenting with brush techniques using an easy float medium that will bring light, color, and perspective to life.



Ages:.............  5 +  

Duration:...  5 hours

*Light refreshments available

Feature Artist: Wayne Thiebaud is an American painter best known for his still life of edible treats and everyday objects in his singular illustrative style.


This workshop is much more than just eye-candy! Delve into a little realism and pop-art as you expand your creative repertoire of traditional brushstrokes. Children will learn to execute the techniques in Thiebaud’s artistic rendering and aim to achieve a realistic outcome. Notice the exaggerated colors, well-defined shadows, and the shiny halo-effect? You too can produce an art piece with a crisp look of a magazine advertisement!



Ages:.............  6 +  and 10 +

Duration:...  5 hours 

*Light refreshments available

Can you think of an ill-matched pair in nature?

Journey through the natural world and uncover odd friendships can be found practically anywhere! Learn to draw, illustrate, and watercolor as you create magic and wonder through the discovery of unusual pairings in nature. Children will get the opportunity to make their work known and have their finished artwork published into a glossy poster to pin up at home!

Did you know a zebra has a great understanding with a little bird? Did you think an antelope would be buddies with a baboon? Children will be in for a surprise as they learn about the special relationships these odd-pairing animals have for each other as they protect themselves from their enemies.

This workshop is packed with useful tricks and tips used by professional illustrators, covering the basics to intermediate levels of different drawing, illustration and watercolor techniques. The key principles of picture book style illustration such a developing character, color, form, line, composition and developing their own style of illustration are all explored.

Kids are creative every moment of the day! Let this workshop be the catalyst for them to keep bringing their imagination to life through the Arts.


Ages:.............  8 +  and 10 +

Duration:...  5 hours 

*Light refreshments available

Observe through various day and night time-lapse videos and pick-up on the different elements that make up the concept of light and darkness. Inviting our young artists to investigate technical skills alongside creative explorations to develop both imagination and technique. Children can expect to learn the foundational skills of contemporary drawing and painting using acrylic medium whilst learning a diverse spectrum of vibrant colors. This is a fun workshop comprised of led and self-guided activities stimulating both sensory and fine motor skills. Join us and create your own rendition of day and night!


Ages:.............  5  and above

Duration:...  5 hours 

*Light refreshments available

If you were an animal, would you be reclusive like a turtle or sleek like a snake? Perhaps you would like to live in the mountains like a panda. Take a quiz and answer some fun questions about your personality and interests to discover the one animal you relate to the most. There are over 100 species!


In this socially interactive workshop, children will have opportunities to engage in a lively discussion with their peers. They will be encouraged to express themselves and develop confidence in their own creativity. It will be a bizarre experimentation of sorts!


Children will learn to create their animals using a technique we have never done before - needle-felting & collaging on canvas with the use of clay! They will enjoy the unique surface brought on by the interesting combination used whilst they bring their inner animal to life. The end result is very powerful, and promises to hold a strong element of surprise.


Ages:.........  6 and above

Duration:...  5 hours

*Light refreshments included.




Unleash your inner creativity and transform an ordinary apron into a masterpiece fit for an artist! 


Learn to paint on fabric as you personalize your very own Artist Apron. Choose from a variety of stencils or boldly free-hand your designs. Jazz it up with all things snazzy.. 


Think dainty quirky patters, a beloved pet, or how about a meaningful quote; oh and the list goes on and on!


Experience fabric painting using DecoArt’s So-soft paints, a unique medium that is extremely soft and flexible to the touch after it dries. Not only will the final product be functional for future art-making sessions, keeping your clothes free from paint spatters, it will also be a piece our young artist will be proud to wear.


Ages:  6+ and 12 above

Duration: 5 hrs

days x 5 hours


A painting worth a thousand words!


Nurture your ideas about drawings, concept art and environmental designs.


Breaking the all too predictable patters

Get published 

Learn to research from start to publish using the Arts to present your work!


process INFO and THOUGHT with a visual representation











the proven PATH from BLANK PAGE



Dive into the deepest canyons, climb the tallest mountains and discover cities all around the world!


Isn’t it exhilarating how technology takes a part in many different aspects of our lives and especially so for our children? This workshop aims to let our artistic kids experiment with their creativity in a SMART new way. It introduces Google Earth as a resource they can use to harness the power of technology for both learning and life. 


We will be introducing the basic features of Google Earth through worldwide satellite imagery, aerial photography, 3D buildings, and terrain at various surprise locations. Students will learn to navigate, search and utilize tools found in the app that infuses learning the elements of geography into everyday life. They will go on an interactive voyage of activities to uncover new territories on earth and even learn about iconic buildings around the world.


Over two days, children will explore into the unknown and build a mood board through phases of experimentation—with acrylics using interesting items such as glue, cling wrap and salt. They will learn interesting methods to achieve different textures as they translate their interpretation of the Earth’s wonderful terrain. Expect the often tiny and overlooked forms and details to be highlighted and celebrated in the process of learning and making!


Ages:.............  7+ and 10  and above

Duration:.... 2 x 5 hours 

*Light refreshments available

We are always finding aways to offer A SOCIAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT where FUN LEARNING and CREATIVE LEARNING come together!

Artistic confidence- why you need it and how to grow it.


This visual thinking workshop will delight and teach children to develop a keen attention to detail as they learn to trust themselves and create art with confidence.


Set in an intensive but exciting sequence, this workshop builds on solidifying the foundation of any serious artist, as students are trained to systematically progress through the stages confidently.


Children will be guided through the process of blind-contour drawing, cross-contour drawing, still-life drawing, and finally drawing on a piece of food. The workshop sets out to build a strong foundation in the principles of still-life drawing. After all, drawing is he foundation of all painting.


From raw beginners to the experienced artist, the focus here is on each of the students’ individual needs. Each stage develops the artists in the area of exploring subject matter, composition, sight-size drawing, materials and most of all to bring out the confidence in a flourishing artist.


Duration: ........hours or 5 hours (no blind-contouring)

Age groups: .. 7+ and 10 above





Ages: 7+ and 10 above


How would you like to travel through Africa, Antarctica, and Australia? In this workshop, your main transportation will be your imagination. Free of homework demands, and constant streams of information, allow your mind to wander and delve into levels higher of intellect and creativity.


Whether it is a far-flung place or a tropical paradise where you’re greeted with a fresh flower necklace, choose your experience through your imaginative thinking.


Art aspect:

Students will learn the technical application of watercolor using a combination of washes, layering, and dry-brush techniques. We will guide you in how you can add dimension and drama in your composition bringing your wanderful travels alive. You will experiment with different effects with a variety of brushes using a combination of painting techniques. 


Art choices are a testament to one’s uniqueness as well as a springboard for launching new ideas. September Holiday Workshops with RMN aims to create a space to relax the mind, be intentional with our time as well as nurture imagination and creativity to bring greater success to your child’s day-to-day life. 


Your mind is a great and creative resource. When you foster and value your imagination, anything becomes possible!

Age group: 6+ and 10 above

Duration: 5 hours


Did you know that some 400 billion birds share the planet with us? Each bird has its abundant coat of feathers; unique in its colors, patterns and shapes that spring from mother nature’s incredible artistry. 


Learn to create delicate acrylic paint pouring feathers and experience the creative freedom of being able to experiment with the paint mediums while it is fluid on the canvas. 


Explore color theory (choosing the right colors scheme), creating the right ratio of paint mediums, and how to apply your concoction onto the canvas. We will show you how to fashion patterns using the string technique, as you feather through the colors to make a deliberate effect.


                                   Join us for a very fun-filled and mesmerizing time learning the

                                  modern art form of acrylic paint pouring. 



Whether you are looking to have a fun, social time and mingle with your friends or you would like to learn a new hobby, this holiday workshop will leave you feeling relaxed and proud of your creative achievements. 


Age group: 6+ and 10 above

Duration: 5 hours

Experience artistic flow and freedom.

Build confidence and master fluidity



Unleash your inner creativity and transform an ordinary apron into a masterpiece fit for an artist! 



Learn to paint on fabric as you personalize your very own Artist Apron. Choose from a variety of stencils or boldly free-hand your designs. Jazz it up with all things snazzy.. 


Think dainty quirky patters, a beloved pet, or how about a meaningful quote; oh and the list goes on and on!



Experience fabric painting using DecoArt’s So-soft paints, a unique medium that is extremely soft and flexible to the touch after it dries. Not only will the final product be functional for future art-making sessions, keeping your clothes free from paint spatters, it will also be a piece our young artist will be proud to wear.


Age groups:....  6+ and 12 above

Duration:........... 5 hours