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Support your child's creativity andthey will approach problems with far greater imagination.

Enjoy the holidays with more art, design, science, and geometry!

Students will learn to paint a portrait of themselves in the style of Frida Kahlo inspired by elements of their own heritage and background. More advanced students will focus on defined brushwork while our younger group will focus more on honing their blending technique using a variety of brushes. 



In this vibrantly expressive artwork, students will also adorn their portrait with mixed-media embellishments displaying their culture, traditions and identity. They will enjoy the creative process of discovering their ethnic roots through the Arts and we get to preserve a glimpse of their creativity, a parcel of their lifetime in this art piece.


What about boys? Boys will adorn their portrait with elements of their culture on the shirt of their painting. We can’t wait to see the amazing creativity the kids will produce!



Ages:........  6+  & 9+

Duration:... 5 hours

Canvas:...... 12" x16"




by Rush-Me-Not Art Studio


In this 6 hour fun approach to relief printing workshop, children will learn the fundamentals of safe lino cutting techniques and printing. They will be engaged in drawing and carving out their own landscape of a tree complete with the inking and printing process. 


Students will develop an understanding of positive and negative space and learn how to use these concepts to tell a story through visual composition. Our aim is for the kids to find their personal expression through exploring different cutting tools and printing techniques. It’s a great opportunity to train them to have a keen eye, building up their observational skills into helpful habits.


Upon completion, children can easily generate their own original designs at home and print their own labels on paper, cards and more. Thank you for another great handmade art to keep your creative kids busy at home!



Ages:.........  7 and above

Duration:... 6 hours

Acrylic painting + Mixed-media

in the style of Frida Kahlo

Untitled Tree

just another way of thinking artistically through the production of original prints 



Learn to hand-make impressive greeting cards for any occasion with brush lettering and GOUACHE paints. From formatting the layout of your card, to the arrangement of design, and everything in between, come and express yourself in a new and playful way!



Oh    Gouache!!


When we look at something with the intent of drawing it, we tend to look more carefully than usual. We see, truly see, the shapes, the patterns, the perspective, the colors, the shadows, the contours, and how all of the details interact.


Students will learn to build a drawing from the ground up. They will develop pencil techniques for still-life drawing and to paint effectively to create a realistic, true-to-life painting to stunning detail. The treats painted will be chosen based on the student’s level of brushwork experience. This aims to personalize the development of each student’s skill and technique.


Challenge your brush techniques on these small objects and learn the use of light and colors to give your objects a soft and delicate finish. 


Canvas + Decoart Artist Acrylic Paints

Ages: 6+ and 10 above

Duration: 6 hours

Canvas: 12 x 12"




Make your very own wearable Iron Man gauntlet! This workshop aims to encourage children to look at everyday items with a new set of eyes, providing them with hours of fun crafting instead of time spent on digital devices. Did you know crafting is one of the most fruitful times for making new connections in the brain? 


This is not a one size fits all project. Every child will customize their template to the size of their own hands by learning to tweak their cardboard measurements and enhancing the fit of their gauntlet. This DIY hands-on project will not only engage your child to be productive, the exploration involved will keep their minds busy too. After all, creating something (from nothing) with your hands fosters pride and self-satisfaction!



Ages: 6 and above

Duration: 5 hours



We enjoy helping children climb their own mountains.
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Building up Observational skills into a helpful habit 


Artist Frida Kahlo was considered one of Mexico’s greatest artists best known for her uncompromising and brilliantly colored self-portraits that had an unflinching interest of self-identity. 

Bringing art, self and expression to children's hearts.

Yes, children will delve into the world of whimsical lettering and practise using watercolor brushes too. We will be covering all of the basics: stroke practice, curves, and a whimsical alphabet. 


Regardless of your level of brushwork, allow Gouache paint to take your artistic abilities to the next level this June Holiday.

Kids will get acquainted with new painting techniques while using this extremely versatile medium and paint as we focus on motifs and botanically themed elements of nature. They will be guided in color mixing, botanical shading and fun calligraphy! 

Your very own handmade A5 card set.


Ages:.........  8 and above

Duration:... 5 hours

Shanghai in 1943

Explore this visual theme using gradation to establish dominant passages of repetition & immortalize The Force with this Pop-Art style of painting.


Students will practice painting with precision stroke work and touch on principles and elements of design. Choose different StarWars characters and colors, use mathematical sequencing and challenge yourself to achieve understanding of balance + harmony throughout your artwork.



Ages: 6 and above

Duration: 5 hours

Canvas: 16" x 20"


Handmade creativity for happier and healthier children.

Decoart Acrylic painting 

in the style of Andy Warhol


learning art in a therapeutic way

Light refreshments included.
Light refreshments included.
Light refreshments included.
Light refreshments included.
Light refreshments included.
Light refreshments included.