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Support your child's creativity and

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Enjoy the holidays with more art, design, science, and geometry!

A great opportunity for children to think out of the box and create combination art pieces that defy traditional grouping styles. From big to increasingly small liner brushes, challenge yourself to finer details. Children will choose and personalize their characters as they learn to draw, paint and connect multiple sets of two halves. 


This workshop is carried out using Decoart acrylics over 6 pieces of 6” x 6” canvases.


Ages: 5 and above

Duration: 5 hours




In this workshop, children will doodle-bomb in three parts, only revealing one side of a folded paper at a time. The project starts with the spontaneous act of drawing anything that comes to the child’s mind. Each section is a manifestation of creativity by informal drawing, connected by lines from the previous section and themed by randomness. The sections when unfolded will reveal a quirky masterpiece of Art exquisitely assembled. 


Take this opportunity for your child to explore chance and the unconscious mind, illuminating their creative process. It is totally okay to not know what an artwork will end up looking like; learn to take a chance on yourself!


Ages: 8 and above

Duration: 5 hours





22 NOv- 31 DEC holiday workshops 2017

by Rush-Me-Not Art Studio

Picture Consequence

Join this cross-media interaction project for some spontaneous creativity this holiday.


When children learn art, it is like they are learning to write the language of vision. In this unique 3D visual art workshop, children will create a unique “Self Portrait” incorporating all their favorite things into a light box photo frame.


Children will learn to study the composition of their landscape with emphasis on both space and depth.They will construct a model that comprises of foreground, middle ground and background applying the principals of composition to four separate layers of elements. There will be paper-cuts, mixed-media techniques and painting too!


Ages: 5 and above

Duration: 5 hours

Defy traditional grouping styles. 

Explore chance and the unconscious mind.

This project originates from the traditional surrealist game, Exquisite Corpse! 


Create Your Own! How exquisite do you think you can be? In this workshop, children will use their imagination to split & combine characters, given their strangeness, appear delicately matched!


Language of Vision

A mixed-media art extravaganza!



In Pingelap, an atoll in the Pacific Ocean, there is an island of people with a rare condition: Achromatopsia. They have complete colour blindness- seeing only in black, white, and shades of grey.


In this workshop, we will see the marine life in the ocean in the eyes of an Achromat. We will paint a scenic underwater scene, observing and recreating the patterns of Green/ Black Sea turtles of the Pacific. 


Learning objectives: Drawing a sea turtle, specifically the Green Sea Turtle. Learn to paint and understand the hues of blacks to white.


Ages: 6+ and 9+

Duration: 6 hours

Achromatopsia in Nature

A healthy dose of attention to detail!

Superhero Concept Art

Ever wonder how superheroes are created? In this workshop, children will gain skills, knowledge and industry expertise needed to create visual concepts that capture the emotional core of their character’s story. 


Children, your job as a concept artist is to use your own superhero ideas and fit them into your Chibi character. How will your character’s outfit look? What weapons would they use or where would their hideout be? Design an expression chart and draw how your character would look like when they experience different emotions. 


In this workshop, children will bring home a movie poster of their own superhero complete with a designed backstory of their characters.


Ages: 7 and above

Duration: 6 hours

Your own superhero poster!
Be a concept artist for a day.
Develop a backstory of your superhero.

Come create your own superhero origin story.



Petri-Dish Art 


Get into a therapeutic and intuitive painting vibe as you learn about probiotics.


In this visually fascinating workshop, children will learn a new painting technique with the visual focus of bacteria and micro-organisms. They will learn about probiotics, how it can help our bodies fight off bad bacteria as they immerse themselves into a intuitive art experience with fluid media.


Children will experience creating their own fluid media using a mixture of non-toxic glue, rubbing alcohol and acrylic paints. They will learn to adjust the viscosity and flow rate to work in tandem with how they want the paints to interact with each other. The result will be an incredibly therapeutic process of watching the fluid media flow with gravity. 


This art panel will be layered with petri-dish slides of bacteria Art. Children will also be painting in an assortment of bacteria shapes designed to detail. Watch how strangely beautiful it will all come together!


Ages: 5+ & 9+

Duration: 5 hours

Paint experimentation- Join the latest craze in the art scene! 


We enjoy helping children climb their own mountains.
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learning art in a therapeutic way

Outside The (Snack) Box

An introduction to seeing and drawing with the young ones!

Colourful, tasty, irresistibly crunchy - snacks are the darlings of our childhood memories. As we find inspiration in the colourful and eye-popping graphics of the most iconic snack wrappers, the children can have their cake and eat it too.
Drawing is the foundation of art. In this workshop, children will acquire observational skills, analysing a subject to establish proportions and translate sight into contour drawings. Details will be filled in with loose layers of watercolours to encourage speed and spontaneity. Anyone can learn to draw and paint (and eat snacks!)
Ages: 7+

Duration: 4 hours