Level 4 Art






Level 4 Art

Art class duration of 1 1/2 hours


Our level 4 art program is designed for our children to work on art projects with a focus on thematic research, idea development, and  reflection process. Your child will merge his/her understanding of Principles of Design with Elements of Art with the creative experimentation.


This program provides the young artists with the confidence to experiment and inspire their self-expression to shine through while creating diverse, unique and imaginative art pieces.


While specific art skills are acquired, your child will be nurtured to analyze mediums and techniques as well as articulate ideas in diverse ways. Oh the fun, and the smiles you will see on your child's face!


The themes in Level 4 Art are free-form and exploratory. Children are free to do their own interpretations and creative choices. We will explore concepts and techniques in art history and work towards developing a unique aesthetic style for each child.


Key benefits of our Level 4 Art Classes:

  • Project-based series of art lessons with a focus on Fine Art Techniques, originality and personal art direction.
  • All artworks are personal to the student.
  • An in-depth exploration of a chosen subject/ technique.
  • Encourage critical and creative thinking.
  • Your child learns to research independently
  • Benefits from interdisciplinary connections

Book a trial class today to find out which program best benefits your child.


* Children will be assigned to a level based on their skills, age only serves as a guide.


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