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Discover DecoArt product line and get project inspiration today.  Where would you start?


Find,   RE/create,   Re/Decorate

Looking for ideas to fashionably upcycle, refurbish home furniture or just in the mood to decorate and create beautiful homemade crafts? With so many painting products out there, where would you even begin? 

Discover the right techniques to clean and prep your items, choose specially formulated paints for different surfaces and specialty finishes for your project; be it a treasured dining table or even an outdoor deck!


When you use the right paints that works well for DIY and crafts, you can achieve professional results that are long-lasting and completely brag-a-worthy!


Send us a photo of what you'd like to work on using the webform on this page. You will learn about the right products/techniques to use so you can save yourself a bundle of time-wasting mistakes, money and get results you want! 


Get started and love the madness! When you've completed your project, we can have popcorn together!

Queen Decoupaged Mason Jar by DecoArt

Vintage Inspired French Stools by DecoArt

Bookcase Turned Into Coffee Station! by DecoArt. Oh, the possibilities!

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