Our children are treated to specially designed art workshops and excursions during mid-term breaks or June and December school holidays. 


Rush-Me-Not Art Studio organises fun-filled art excursions to nature centers, science museums, places of interests around Singapore and even overseas; to better engage your child through experiential learning and hands-on activities. We believe that by seeing real-life application of what your child is learning in school,  they will more likely appreciate and understand the relevance and importance of what they are taught.


Our special art workshops are conducted by various art educators or invited guest artists who specialize in various art forms; such as prints, classical and modern contermporary painting and even ceramics. 


Some of our art workshops are also tied in with novelty events such as Halloween and Christmas, where children are given the chance to have festive fun while creating innovative crafts for the home. 


Look out for details on upcoming Special Programmes at the Home Page.





Awakening the desire in your child to try new things and sparking new interests as well as passion. 

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Taking Our Art Class To The SEA Aquarium
Our in-house art studio children taking a break from the pressures of school to rejuvenate their minds. We went, had fun, explored science, enjoyed nature, did some art and we want to do it all over again!
Art Beyond The Classroom
Looking at the children all glossy-eyed and mesmerized by the majestic sharks while doing art was such a pleasure for the teachers to watch.

learning art in a therapeutic way