Level 3 Art

8-11 years +





Level 3 Children Art Class


So your child is developing confidence in his/her artistic skills and techniques. Here we open up a new world of possibilities with Principles of Design; emphacizing on contrast-harmony, patterns and its role in cohesive art composition. 


Difficulty of lessons is higher to suit each child's increased potential for learning.


At this level, children will be refining their artistic expression and integrating them with their own innovations creatively in art-making techniques while handling a wider variety of art mediums.


With a little twist of Rush-Me-Not lemon, your child will be exposed to an array of art forms such as cartooning, 3D modelling and history of art to name a few. We like our children to discover the world through art.


Themes in artwork are more developed and encompassing, with reference to culture, principles of design with a touch of art history; reinforcing moral and cultural lessons learnt in school.


Key benefits of our Level 3 Children Art:

  • Create well-composed artworks using core drawing and painting techniques.
  • Developing self-confidence and taking ownership of artwork.
  • Developing personal style and direction with regards to self-expression.
  • Developing a deeper appreciation for various forms of visual art by studying the styles of other artists.
  • Appreciation and awareness of different culture and traditions
  • Cultivate good work habits.
  • Respecting others' work, space and viewpoints.

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* Children will be assigned to a level based on their skills, age only serves as a guide.


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