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High frequency cleaning will be implemented with an emphasis on high contact surfaces and areas such as doors, lift, toilets, etc. The tables, chairs and art materials will be disinfected after every class. Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes will also be readily available for use.


Teachers, staff and students will be required to comply with government mandated physical distancing whilst at the studio. Through rescheduling of all classes, we are able to ensure appropriate distance between students is maintained. The installation of plastic screens and wall partitions is an add-on safety measure that has been implemented in addition to the requirement of safe distancing.

We are so excited to welcome your kids back as the studio opens this Wednesday 1st July 2020. The studio could not reopen immediately as we needed to study the guidelines and best practices for the reopening of our studio in a safe way. Here, we will share all our updates.


Welcoming You Back


To welcome you back, we have been busy:
19th June - 30th June 2020

  1. Disinfecting the studio (certified contractor)
  2. Customizing plexiglass screens and partitions to be installed
  3. Installing floor demarcations for safe distancing
  4. Implementing safe distancing seat arrangements 
  5. Rescheduling of all classes


Thank You Parents


1st July 2020 onwards

Thank you for responding to and filling up the class scheduling form, it has helped us focus on our scheduling strategy.

We have now reduced our class sizes, increased the buffer time between pick-ups/drop-offs, and will be able to minimize physical interaction or intermingling between classes. Parents you are encouraged to drop off and pick up children promptly to avoid students lingering in waiting areas. 


Hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to prevent any kind of infection. It will be mandatory for all students to use hand sanitizer upon entry to the studio and also again before they leave. Hand sanitizer dispensers will also be placed at the entrance and contact areas.


We will continue to conduct temperature checks upon arrival, before entry into the studio. Any staff, teacher, student, helper or parent who is unwell is asked to please stay home. 

Aprons & Your Support


We have ordered aprons for those of you who would like to purchase one for your child's personal use. At this time, all RMN staff and teachers are dedicated to overseeing the implementation of all the above. We ask for parents to support our efforts by being prompt with pick-ups and drop-offs. Mask must be worn by staff, teachers and students at all times.


No food, sorry. 


Keeping our studio's environment safe is all of our responsibility and we all have a part to play. During this time, we ask that kids do not eat at the studio. No snacks will be allowed until further notice. Please remember to bring your water bottles. 


See you soon.


We look forward to welcoming you back to RMN. Parents, thank you for your support and sorry we are not able to reply to your kind emails individually. We read them, appreciate them and appreciate you!

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