Our child-centered Art Therapy lessons are infused with inter-disciplinary approach where children are able to communicate their knowledge in art and understand its relevance in the global setting.


As a child grows, different emotional needs are triggered in them during various stages of their lives. Sometimes painful feelings are overlooked or a bad event has left them confused and these can cause a wide variety of emotional and behavioral problems.


Rush-Me-Not offers children art therapy programs that are especially effective with children who are more attuned to perceiving the world through all senses rather than just hearing and sight. Art therapy aids our children to express non-verbally, communicate and solve problems to get over these difficult stages.


Art therapy provides a fun and relaxing atmosphere for the child whereby art is used as a medium to allow them to express themselves freely. Our art therapist acts as a facilitator that helps the child explore and resolve personal issues through individualized supportive strategies; improving your child's physical and emotional well-being.


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Art therapy workshops



Rush-Me-Not offers three different workshops to cater to parents looking for ways to value-add their parenting skills to improve their relationship with their children.

Individual and group art therapy sessions for Children and Adolescents using art as integrative  approach to happiness and well-being for a well-rounded child.

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learning art in a therapeutic way