“I have a good team to support me and I speak to the key individuals daily to make sure everything is fine, all problems are highlighted and action is taken. My job rewards are compliments from customers. I am doing exactly what I want to do, in a field that I am passionate about.”











M.A. Art Therapy, Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore

B.A. Psychology, Baruch College of the City University of New York

Professionally certified by Australian New Zealand Arts Therapy Association (ANZATA), Art Therapists’ Association of Singapore (ATAS)

Speaks English and Russian; learning Mandarin! 










Jorraine has had 9 years of experience in art education for children. As a teacher, she is highly technical, cheerful and believes in positive reinforcement and encouragement over discipline. Above all, she strives to inspire.











I am a self-taught artist. I expertise in Digital Painting , Matte Painting and Speed Sketching. My works are influenced on the basis of Surrealism and Deconstructivism as I find that such approach allows me to have endless unrestrictive ideas.
I graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Product Design & Innovation. Currently, I am a 2nd Year student at the National University of Singapore pursuing my B.A. Hons ( Architecture ) programme and also a freelance interior designer. In the future I want to be an architect.
My concern lies with the exposure and arts education in Singapore because I believe that if only one is versed through an arts education, then can he/she be more conscious of their inner beings and developing an outward positive character of themselves in the future.  Thus, I want to educate and train students through the fundamentals of art, creating a solid foundation to their arts education.









Anastasiya Piskareva


Anastasiya is an art therapist and a visual artist, trained in both art and integrative psychotherapy. Certified by ANZATA, she takes a holistic view on human development and health. Her approach is empathetic, non-judgmental and confidential. Anastasiya employs  several distinct models of counselling and psychotherapy customized for the individual needs. The individual’s creative instincts are used to explore and resolve personal issues, emphasising   on self-development and achieving utmost personal potential. 


Jorraine Lim


Jorraine Lim is a painter based in Singapore. She graduated from the Art Elective Programme in National JC with an A Level in Higher Art, thereafter from LASALLE with a Diploma in Communication Design. In 2012, Jorraine took a professional break to travel and is back with a firmer belief than ever that art keeps us open, hopeful and human. Art has always played a central role in her life.

Samuel Hayashi


Art is essentially a hymn to life, an attempt to understand what it means to be alive. Art is never about a measurement of talent to me, I am convinced that everyone has an 'Art' to their works in whichever ways they present it. 

Jealina Chiang


Jealina is Rush-Me-Not’s founder and principal art therapist.  She started working with children to help them cultivate their creative talents with the intention of developing well-rounded, confident individuals. In addition to her 15 years experience in creating folk art, Jealina also has 7 years experience in Interior Design and Floral Arrangement, Certifications in Colour Therapy, Counselling (English & Chinese), Reiki Ryoho (Natural Healing), DecoArt, and Landscape Painting.

Lee Sze Chuin


A new addition to the team of Rush-Me-Not art studio, Sze Chuin is currently the resident Art curriculum and Programme Coordinator.  Having a decade worth of experience as a Head of Department for Aesthetics in Ministry of Education, Sze Chuin’s passion and subject knowledge for the Visual Art is translated into the core and fundamentals of art experience in each child.  He is a firm believer that Art is the key, not only to the development of creative and critical thinking skills in a child, but also an effective and fun medium where values and socio-emotional skills can be inculcated.  

Sze Chuin enjoys painting, drawing and also specializes in ceramics.  

Marilyn Cher


Where words fail, art allows people to express themselves, fiercely and fearlessly.


I am currently in my final year of study for my Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Visual Communication. Besides a personal interest in the interplay between traditional dry and wet mediums, I also employ auditory assistance in the classroom to allow for full engagement of the senses in the process of creation.


Art, for me, has always been about taking a person’s inner feelings and giving it a physical form. I find myself especially fascinated by the honesty in children’s works, and how their boundless creativity spring forth with a little nudging. It is my belief that honest expression is the best thing a person can learn, and hence it is my goal to educate young children to do so through art.

Jun Liang 


JL graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Product Design & Innovation. He is currently pursuing his B.Eng. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering in Singapore Institution of Technology. 


He's an avid backpacker who is curious about the world's different cultures and enjoys the friendships formed during his journey of adventures. JL believes that Art should be taught by experience, patience and sharing knowledge between teachers and students.


Our special gem JL truly believes that understanding the fundamental elements of art and design is only the beginning, being able to apply to other fields is what makes it interesting.


Alycia Teo


Alycia was trained in acrylic paint, water colours and oil pastels. She believes that Art is more than a combination of techniques; it is also a sanctuary for personal reflection, expression, and a powerful visual commentary about life's lessons. Fascinated by the creativity unmasked in children’s artwork, her Art celebrates a childlike wonder. As an Art educator, she hopes to teach our children that Art is not just an acquired skill, but can be meaningfully appreciated as well. 

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Post-Impressionistic Painting of Wheatgields Inspired by Vincent Van-Gogh. Artist: Jorraine, Rush-Me-Not Art Educator
Post-Impressionistic Painting of Singapore Waterfront. Artist: Yiou, Rush-Me-Not Art Educator
American Modern Art RED CANNA referenced from Georgia O Keeffe works. Artist: Jorraine, Rush-Me-Not Art Educator
Modernistic Painting of Egyptian Mau. Artist: Yiou, Rush-Me-Not Art Educator
Post-impressionistic Painting of Moon Festival. Painted by Jealina, Rush-Me-Not Art Studio Principal.
Monte Sainte-Victoire Painting Inspired by Paul Cezanne. Artist: Yiou, Rush-Me-Not Art Educator
Pop Art Gumball Machine Inspired by Wayne Thiebaud. Artist: Pearlyn, Rush-Me-Not Art Educator
Post Impressionistic Almond Blossom Painting Inspired by Vincent Van-Gogh. Painted by Yiou
Singapore Stil Life, painted by Matt Steel.