Thank you students for sharing all your HOPES.

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In Every Painting, A Hope Is Shared


These 20 artworks painted by 27 students carry wishes and dreams for vulnerable children around the world. Our students hope to raise heartfelt awareness to the world with their art. Each painting tells a story, understands a crisis, and hopes for a better world tomorrow.



11 paintings have been spoken for during the One Hope, One Humanity event organized by World Vision and at the exhibition at The Art House. 3 artworks were put on a silent auction during the dinner, with starting bids of $2, 200. At the end of the auction, a total of $45 000 were raised from the 3 artworks.


Now that the event is over, we are no longer fundraising for World Vision. Instead, we will be donating 50% of all proceeds of the paintings that are still available. We thank you for all your support, it has been heartfelt!

1. The Dream by Samuel Gay, $1,800
2. A New Hope by Nicole Gay, SOLD
3. Great Wonder by Kayli and Jovi Goh, $3,000
4. Phoenix of Hope by Ranieh Chan, $3,000
5. Walk to Hope by Clara Chee, SOLD
6. Hearts of Love by Maia Katimansah & Cheyenne, SOLD
7. The African Houses by Alexandra & Christopher Khoo, $1,800
8. Precious Corn by Chaw Win Win & Min Min, SOLD
9. Balloons of Happiness by Caitlin Chan, SOLD
10. Mountain Picnic by Angelica Sia, $2,200
11. Help The Poor by Sophie Wong & Zoe Hong, $2,200
12. A Dream Home by Koko Kusano, $2,500
13. Escape by Ryanna & Kyarra Lee, SOLD
14. Seven Wonders by Xavier, $3000
15. Hope on Board by Darius & Dayna Wiradjaja, $2,200
16. Rainbow Plants by Kate Lim, SOLD
17. Shared Happiness by Emmeline Ma, $1,800
18. Wonders of Learning by Lek Shun Yee, $2,200
19. Wish Upon A Star by Keane Tan, $2,200
20. Magical Rocks by Wesley Chan, SOLD

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