Family Bonding

Make time for each other, communicate better, listen closer and work better together!

Experiencing art together as a family allows for some undivided attention between parents and child in a one-on-one holistic setting. Be prepared to strengthen family relationship by spending a dedicated time with one another, listening to each other,  respecting each other’s opinion and having a wonderful Art Piece to show for it.


It has always been a particular goal of ours to be able to a facilitate Art as a bonding tool for parents so we came up with the idea that if we create an opportunity (where every moment is about togetherness, quality and focus), you’d just have to commit to a time. It is that simple!


Our 4-5hrs Family Art Projects are created for you to celebrate love, cultivate connections, foster communication as all of you discover the uniqueness of your family. Wonderful things can happen when a family comes together to do things as one, using Art is merely an avenue for relationship building. 

Art   Inspires

Family Art Bonding Workshop

 Multi-piece canvas Wall Art


Take some time off to collaborate and create a masterpiece for your home with your family! Enjoy quality bonding time between parent-child or siblings while painting your one-of-a-kind

artwork! Ideal for the living room or hallway as a testament of your family’s unique bonds.


Up to 4 members per family!


Novena: Open for registration
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Time: 5 hours 



Age: 5 and above


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A conversational piece representing unity

Plan how canvas pieces come together

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