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Level 1 Children Art Classes


The Level 1 Art program reinforces the basic elements taught in the introductory stage. Art lessons are designed to introduce children to the elements of art in a fun, imaginative and nurturing setting. As children are more developed in their thinking, art lessons in this stage focus on how to use these basic elements of art to create artworks which effectively express their intentions.


Your child will cultivate a love for art and gain practical benefits from our program; which focuses on strengthening their basic motor skills and controlling of art materials through kinesthetic activities, tactile and visual techniques.


Fundamental part of the Level 1 Art program is providing your child thoughtfully balanced instructions, enrichment and exploration time. At this stage, there are a few limits to what your toddler can create when given the right tools, guidance and imaginative freedom to spark their innermost artist.


Key benefits of our Level One Art Classes:

  • Learning to follow/ take instructions.
  • Building basic motor skills - gaining control over their hand movements.
  • Getting to know and love art through exploration - playing with different materials and art techniques.
  • Cultivating social skills through team-building and/ or interactive activities through collaborative works and game.

Book a trial class today to find out which program best benefits your child.


* Children will be assigned to a level based on their skills, age only serves as a guide.



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