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Transform a rustic piece of wood into a work of beauty with an intricate decorative painting. Learn smart tricks and expert tips to turn yourself into a master of decorative folk painting, from simple glazing to rendering fine hair and textures. You will be exposed to wide range of techniques and brushes, mediums and of course, our premium DecoArt paints.

Family    of   6    Bears    Coasters

conducted by Principal Jealina

Calling all inspiring decorative painters, here's an opportunity to learn the teddy bear strokes of genius from Principal Jealina who is a master decorative artist.


Her passion for decorative painting dates back to the late 90s. For the last twenty years or so, she's been perfecting the folk art of decorating wooden utensils, objects, furniture, chests, boxes, tins and many other household objects to name a few. 


Jealina's three-dimensional teddy bears are created with brush strokes that have become one of her signature technique she is most known for. 

Workshop Dates: 14th November,  12th December, 2014 

Time: 10.00 - 3.00pm   Duration: 5 hours including break

You will learn to create, layer and add texture, as you are introduced to a range of Decoart paints to explore the world of Teddy Bear tole painting. Join her as she will be passing down her trademark teddy bear brush technique for students to borrow and build upon to make their own. 


Look forward to bringing home a pretty set of coasters for your family and guests to use. Plenty of compliments to come!


This decorative art workshop is designed for both children and adults, creating yet another opportunity for parents and children to share an activity during the school holidays. Get exposed to another world of creativity and get exposed to new art techniques with Principal Jealina. Hurry and save your spot today!



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